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Developer: schwarzis Size: 569 KB Version: 3.0.3 Requirement: 1.6 and up Price: Free

GameCIH 3.0.3 APK for Android Download

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Change log
  • GameCIH APK has been updated and now we can download the latest version 3.0.3 directly. It has new features which allows you to get hidden mode. For game lovers, I think they have their own taste. Some person like to play the game with easy level, medium, or most difficult. It depends on their tastes as well. At the moment we are playing games, there is definitely time to meet the difficult level. It is very difficult to pass. We need GameCIH 3.0.3 APK to change the score.

    If we play games on the PC, I think there are a lot of tools like that. In Android there is very useful engine for you. How it works isn’t different with the engine that we use on PC. GameCIH for Android is one of tools. It’s easy to do with this app. If I compared to other applications in my opinion this is the best application.

    Features of GameCIH APK

    • Game Cheat/Memory Editor/Crack/Hack Tool/
    • Change Game Speed
    • Change game speed!
    • You will become TOP 1 ranking in any games!
    • You could modify the game state (score, money, HP) to allow for infinite lives, invulnerability, and etc.

    Before install it, you have to root your device. It work on root user only. It’s completely normal that nothing happens when you launch this App! It’s downloading the final app in the BACKGROUND! (Only if you have an active internet connection). So please, don’t write comments like “It’s not opening” and giving 1 out of 5 stars.

    How to use

    1. Install GameCIH APK
    2. Click on Open and wait till an installation-screen appears. Press install and you’re done!
    3. After installation of the final you can remove this app (“GameCIH – Installer”)
    GameCIH 3.0.3 Screenshot 1 GameCIH 3.0.3 Screenshot 2
  • What's New in GameCIH 3.0.3 APK

    • Startup problem fixed
    • Enable network to get Hidden Mode
    • Anti Anti-GameCIH
    • Change icon
  • Apps Reviews

    This app has been around for years. It is, essentially, a great app. I’m only even writing this because I see all the negative reviews. To any reading, this most certainly is not fake. It does not contain a virus but it does behave like one, being a game engine tool. If you are having problems with it, at least give details, like some of the others, or shoot the developer an email. Five stars as I have never had an issue, with GameCIH APK, on my VS930 – LG Spectrum II or my Samsung Galaxy S, when i had it. Well done! P.S For future reference, this is at my own discretion as user of this app without issue.